Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

EFT is a Eco Friendly Tower Company founded in 2001 and based in Myanmar. We deliver:
  • Total telecom support, including a full range of innovative telecommunications services
  • Custom solutions to clients in 26 states for integrating and expanding business telecom networks and phone systems
  • More than 40 years of collective telecommunications consulting experience and technological expertise
Most business owners and CFO’s are shocked to discover the ‘win-win’ solution EFT provides. Most of our clientele save 30%-40% using alternate phone and Internet companies. EFT can also save money streamlining a business’ current service by eliminating outdated contracts and unused products. In fact, EFT’s customers pay the same rates provided directly by the phone company sales rep’s and, in many cases, pay even less. Contact Us!
EFT can be reached day or night if there is a service interruption. We work with the service provider to solve our customers’ problems quickly without the usual headaches associated with phone company customer service.
We take for granted that our phone systems will always work, as we are so used to them “just working” all the time. But situations do happen, from natural disasters such as thunderstorms and tornadoes to construction projects that down power and phone lines. EFT continues to help companies with a back-up solution for their telecommunications needs, just in case.