Welcome to Eco Friendly Tower Whistleblowing Channel.

What is whistleblowing channel?

Whistleblowing channel is the one which provides the most secure platform for all of the Eco Friendly Tower employees and shareholding companies. It’s intended to report on fundamental principles and group policies.

We grantee that we could give the right results with effective outcomes based on high standards and ethics. The channel which will protect from whistleblowers and will report the violence immediately should be involved in order to get the effective outcomes. This channel will help us to deal with the most efficient issues at the most efficient time.

The report will be kept strictly confidential. If you want to go your information's privately Eco Friendly Tower will never seek your credentials through this channel.

When you once reported an issue you have to follow up the continuous case based on your issue even if you choose to remain anonymous. We would like to recommend you to open the mailbox whatever is your choice to remain anonymous or not. Because it would be easier and safer to make a contact between us.If you wish, we would not disclose all of our communications to anyone.

The report can be submitted about the terrorism by the employees or others group through this channel. Reporting points should be included-

  • Corruption
  • Fraud
  • Abuse of trust (breach of contract law)
  • Account and financial report fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Disagreement over interest
  • Social issues
  • Sexual dysfunction, Classification and Negative speech
  • Disruption of health and safety
  • Inability to protect personal information
  • Principles of governance and internal policies

Thank you for using ours Whistleblowing Channel.

    Please state your contact details if we may contact you : (If you want to be anonymous, do not provide any information)